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At right, top: Me, in Hawaii

At right, middle: The Porters in London (from right: big brother Thom, ME!, mother Marybeth, little brother Rob, and sister Kathy)

At right, second to bottom: With my wonderful grandmother

At right, bottom: on the movie set of Flirting with Forty. Click over for more photos during filming.







Jane PorterBorn in Visalia, California, I'm a small town girl at heart. I love central California's golden foothills, oak trees, and the miles of farmland. In my mind, there's nothing sweeter in the world than the heady fragrance of orange blossoms on a sultry summer night.

As a little girl I spent hours on my bed, staring out the window, dreaming of far off places, fearless knights, and happy-ever-after endings. In my imagination I was never the geeky bookworm with the thick coke-bottle glasses, but a princess, a magical fairy, a Joan-of-Arc crusader.

My parents fed my imagination by taking our family to Europe for a year when I was thirteen. The year away changed me (I wasn't a geek for once!) and overseas I discovered a huge and wonderful world with different cultures and customs. I loved everything about Europe, but felt especially passionate about Italy and those gorgeous Italian men (no wonder my very first Presents was Italian).

I confess, after that incredible year in Europe, the travel bug bit, and bit hard. I spent much of my high school and college years abroad, studying in South Africa, Japan and Ireland. South Africa remains a country of my heart, the people, the land and politics complex and heart-wrenching.

After my years of traveling and studying I had to settle down and earn a living. With my Bachelors degree from UCLA in American Studies, a program that combines American literature and American history, I've worked in sales and marketing, as well as a director of a non-profit foundation. Later I earned my Masters in Writing from the University of San Francisco and taught jr. high and high school English.

After sixteen years in Greater Seattle, I'm back in California, making my home in a historic Ole Hanson home in San Clemente, with my surfer husband and three very active sons. I love being near the beach and being able to walk everywhere, but I also love being at my desk, writing stories about women and our lives, as well as the need to love, and be loved. I like a story with a happy ending. But then, I believe, we all do.Fall in Love Like a Romance Author

Jane shared her personal story of real-life romance in the lovely collection, Fall In Love Like a Romance Writer.


Jane Talks: How much of me is in my books?

There's a lot of me in Flirting With Forty. Like Jackie, after one trip to Hawaii I was hooked. I consider it a second home now and my family and I visit it often. I love what being in Hawaii does for my soul.

Like Holly Bishop, my main character in The Frog Prince, I grew up in Central California. Unlike Holly, mine was—as I mention above—a wonderful, idyllic childhood and I look back on my early years with fondness. Many of my Cental California memories made their way into  The Frog Prince. I invite you to browse a few of these memories.

Yes, I live in Bellevue. But I am neither Marta (Odd Mom Out) or Taylor (Mrs. Perfect). I don't own a Harley and I don't live in a house like the one Taylor and Nathan have built. I write fiction. I love writing fiction. That said, I do draw a lot from life. Many of the restaurants and shops mentioned in the books are places I like to frequent. The roads Marta and Taylor drive on are the roads in my day to day life. There is some of me in the hopes and dreams of my characters to be sure (and some of their hang-ups, too—but I'll never tell!)—but the part of me in these books is really the setting.

Easy on the Eyes
I am not a Hollywood celebrity like Tiana (Easy on the Eyes), but I did get to spend a lot of time on the set of Flirting With Forty! And neither did my entire family perish when I was in my teens. But when I was fifteen my father died, so I have that emotional chasm to share with Tiana.

What I do share with Tiana is an active involvement in certain charity organizations. I'm very involved with Operation Smile and World Vision, including helping fund the building of a school in Zambia (which is where Tiana visits in the book.) Also, my mom, who is a great inspiration to me, was a speech therapist, and that is where where my interest in helping fund cleft palate surgeries came from.

For information about Tiana's and my favorite charities, please visit the Easy on the Eyes Books Extras section.

She's Gone Country
In order to write Shey’s story (She's Gone Country), I drew upon my childhood vacations at our family ranch in the coastal foothills forty miles east of Paso Robles as well as the experience of being a mother of three sons. With my oldest beginning to think about college, I know exactly how excited and yet nervous Shey must be as her boys grow up and come into their own. Other than my love of Texas and ranches, my collection of cowboy boots, and my three boys, I can't say I have a lot in common with Shey. Obviously I've never been a supermodel, dated a rodeo cowboy, or lived in Texas, but heck, I can dream.




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top Jane

As a former English teacher, Jane holds an MA in Writing from the University of San Francisco, and loves talking books and working with aspiring writers. Jane continues to work with writer friends all the time, developing the craft and discussing good books. For more on the craft of writing, check out Jane's workshop descriptions.

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Lots and lots of photos from events can be found on Jane in Pictures, and on Jane's Calendar. More photos below:



Dallas, TX: 2007 National RWA book signing to promote literacy.
See photos from past RWA's annual booksignings.

DionsLina, Isaiah, Kirsten and Kimberly.
Dion clan in Seattle ~ Fans and Friends

Jane with the cast of Flirting with Forty:
Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley

Jane speaking at the Hawaii Book & Music Festival in Honolulu


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